Dr. GURU speaks,

Such questions leave poisonous residues in the minds of those who are weak enough to speak them...

Though I cannot explain why one person seems to have more good-fortune than another, nor can I explain why one person may roll a dice and hit a ‘6’, whilst the next person only a ‘1’. All sides seem much the same to me; it is only the value we place upon them that gives them their importance. Indeed, they have real-life impact and consequences to deal with. The person who only rolls a ‘1’ may be considered unfortunate, but if he had been trying his luck for a-time, many may have little sympathy for him.

You are what link the bad things that happen in your life. There are often few, if any, other common factors. And so, the poison is laid...

Though I may not be able to explain to the ‘truly’ unfortunate, who have had no part to play in their misfortune, why they find themselves in their situation, nor would I ally misfortune with misery, as they make for troublesome foes. Individually they can be overcome...but in unity, their forces are multiplied. Such wars are difficult to win when battles are given up too easily...the poison spreads.

You must strengthen your reserve, throw away your sense of misery and get back to dealing with the consequences, as wallowing in the trenches leaves only the poison to consume.

The GURU must now sleep.